Introduction to construction

Develop an understanding of contractors and the types of contractor insurance cover available
Construction hat

This one-day workshop looks at tradesman/SME contractors and examines how they operate, including an appreciation of the typical plant and machinery.

It discusses the risks presented by plant and contract sites, including an overview of the main pieces of health & safety legislation.

The workshop explores and explains key aspects of common law and contracting law and their differences. This also includes introducing the most common forms of contract conditions, e.g. JCT.

The workshop discusses the range of insurances available to a contractor, explaining the principle cover and exclusions.

It concludes by examining the information required by underwriters to obtain a quotation.

Key objectives:

  • Understand how contractors operate
  • Identify commonly used contractors’ plants and the associated risks
  • Appreciate the main risks presented by contract sites
  • Explain the key elements of a legally binding contract
  • Appreciate the differences between common law and contract law
  • Understand the range of insurance covers available, and the key features of each
  • Understand the information required by underwriters to facilitate the provision of a quotation
  • Who should attend?

    Individuals who have been in insurance for more than a year and work in commercial insurance.
  • Methodology

    Learning includes formal presentations and active participation in case studies and group discussions in a workshop environment. Workbooks and supplementary materials are provided.

I have had an excellent experience with Wiser Academy. Everything has been so efficient and I feel like they do really care about you and what you are achieving. My trainer has been amazing, she has provided me with support and fantastic learning material throughout the process which has been really interactive and engaging. She always checked up on how I found the lessons and tries to cater for everyone which is lovely. She is also just a genuine person which makes it even better.

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