Our mission

We are committed to developing the next generation of insurance sector talent.

The insurance industry is fast-evolving and hungry right now for new recruits.

Our overarching goals are:

  • deliver and develop the highly qualified professionals the sector needs to compete, strengthen and grow.
  • provide the robust continual development programmes insurance companies require to thrive.
  • source exciting new talent, qualifying outstanding school and college leavers and graduates into the sector.
  • attract and train learners from other sectors, bringing sought-after transferrable skillsets and insights.

We offer employers a one-stop-shop, helping you:

  • Hire and source talent
  • Train and transform talent
  • Retain talent

When creating training programmes, we ensure that they are tailored to your precise business needs and run with minimum disruption to your daily operations.

For learners, we ensure effective learning, meaningfully developing your knowledge, skills and behaviours:

  • Leaders and trainers bring valuable personal industry insight and knowledge, having been employed in the insurance sector.
  • We use highly-personalised, top quality training plans.
  • Trainers deploy a wide range of effective teaching practices and strategies.
  • Additional subjects and qualifications are offered where relevant.
  • Rigorous progress reviews are held and ambitious targets set.
  • Sector-based careers advice and guidance is provided.
  • Specialist trainer support and assistive technology is offered to anyone with additional learning needs.

The only training provider in the insurance space acknowledged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, we champion diversity and make learning as inclusive as possible. This increases access and broadens the pool of talent the industry and employers can draw from.

We are results-focused and committed to excellence. Our training is designed to unleash learners’ potential so we cover the broadest possible range of insurance products from basic entry level to complex and specialist.