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Rise up insurance

We are determined to help more talented people join and succeed in insurance.

There is an acknowledged sector-wide skills shortage and insurance organisations are struggling to attract the volume of top-quality recruits it needs to strengthen and grow.

Wiser Academy has an ambitious, proactive, and innovative strategy to quickly increase the flow of strong talent into the industry.

This year we are launching our Rise up insurance programme, identifying 10,000 suitable high-performing and motivated students who are preparing to leave school, college and university, and equip them to access an insurance career.

We will be holding a campaign of awareness-raising roadshows, visiting schools and providing highly interactive sessions with students. This will demonstrate to a wide potential talent pool the exciting rewards and opportunities for a successful career that await tomorrow’s insurance professionals.

This will be followed in summer 2023 by a series of UK-wide insurance career “taster days” to hundreds of hand-picked apprentice hopefuls. Over the course of a few days, they will be given a fuller insight to the potential of an insurance career. In addition, they will attend skills-developing workshops to begin equipping them with the skillset they will need to win jobs and succeed.

Whether you are:

  • a student considering all your imminent career choices,
  • an insurance company that would benefit from having a motivated and rigorously screened candidates,
  • a school or college careers adviser, or
  • a parent keen to help your child embark on a highly rewarding career path…

… discover below how you will benefit from Rise up insurance.

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In summer 2023, we will be assembling around 200 talented applicants to attend our inaugural introductory event – which for many, will be the first step to your successful career path.

Held in a choice of three or four UK locations, participants will:

  • Gain valuable insight into all the different career options available to you in the insurance sector
  • Learn basic emotional skills, including appreciating the sector’s value systems, exploring the expectations of the typical insurance work environment, and how to understand the generation you will be reporting to.
  • Develop the personal skills you need to get on (and move up) the career ladder, from creating your brand and honing interview techniques to writing a winning CV and understanding how to dress for work.

If you are interested and want to learn more, pre-register using the form below.

(Please include your phone number, age, institution, leaving date and course/subjects studied in your message.)

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This initiative is driven by our commitment to developing and delivering the next generation of insurance sector talent to employers like you.

We’d love to ensure you fully benefit from this opportunity as quickly as possible. Use the form below to register today and ensure you get the pick of our first wave of talented apprentices.

Insurance organisations like yours are thriving due to the training we have provided for your people and the candidates we have delivered to you.

We have worked closely for decades with many employers in the industry and innately appreciate the specific skillsets you need right now – and in the future. We also understand the qualities you are looking for in the talented recruits you need to strengthen, grow, and stay ahead of your competition.

If you have connections with local schools or colleges and you would like to recommend we reach out to them, send their details using the form below.

(Please include your phone number and company name in your message.)

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If you are the careers adviser for a school, college or university, and you would like us to book our presentation for your students or find out more, contact us using the form below to arrange an initial chat.

(Please include your phone number and institution name in your message.)

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If your child is planning to leave education soon and you think they might thrive in an insurance career, but want to know more about the requirements, rewards and challenges involved, register them today using the form below.

(Please include your phone number, child’s name, age, institution, leaving date and course/subjects studied in your message.)

If you think your child’s school or college would benefit from a presentation and you would like to recommend we reach out to them, please email

Rise up insurance