Professional indemnity

Understand the risks which arise and face different types of professionals
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This one-day workshop comprises several interactive sessions focusing on key case studies that will reveal how claims can arise and how policy cover operates.

The importance of policy wording is explained, and insight into obtaining relevant information and prospecting opportunities is explored.

Key objectives:

  • The professions which benefit from this cover and the exposure presented by the services offered
  • How liability can arise under common law, statute and contract
  • How the main areas of policy cover operate
  • Major risk assessment features
  • How insurers view certain risks when presented by a broker
  • Principle exclusions found under a policy
  • The impact of a claims-made wording
  • Why a typical wording might need to be extended
  • The impact of how a claim might arise
  • Application of the cover to sectors such as accountancy, advertising, construction, engineering, insurance, the legal profession, marketing, media, PR and technology.
  • Course content

    • Duty of care owed by professionals
    • Legal Implications of a breach of the duty
    • Application of policy wording to a claim
    • How to gather and interpret proposal form information
    • How to distinguish between an attractive and an undesirable risk
    • Issues around a range of trades
  • Methodology

    At all points in the course, explanations are supported by appropriate case law and statute. Workbooks and supplementary materials are provided.

The course was definitely tough but I cannot thank Owen more for his patience, motivational spirit and determination to get us through. We could not have got through it without him!

Michelle Wimsey
Director, Hadam Health

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