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Posted on Sun, 08/11/2020

Top 10 things you didn’t know about apprenticeships

  1. There is no upper age limit for apprentices. Anyone from 16 and above can be registered as an apprentice.
  2. Employees who have been to university (graduates) can also be registered as an apprentice since May 2017.
  3. The employer has had full control of the apprenticeships since May 2017. From cost, delivery method and the overall structure of the course.
  4. No more NVQs and tick box exercises in apprenticeships. Employers wrote the Trailblazer standards from each sector. So it is very relevant!
  5. By carefully using the levy and its monthly utilisation, organisations can run their entire training department at a fraction of the training budget or sometimes zero budget.
  6. Employers can demand help with recruitment from their training providers, thus reducing your recruitment cost.
  7. For every employed apprentice aged between 16-18, the employer gets paid £1,000/apprentice.
  8. By using apprenticeships as a platform, businesses can achieve the requirements (qualifications) for chartered status with zero investment.
  9. There are apprenticeship courses for almost all the job types within a typical business.
  10. All existing internal training courses, including induction and onboarding training, can be factored into the apprenticeships programme. Thereby not duplicating learning.