Risk and loss control

Develop a fuller understanding of what an insurer looks for when visiting a risk
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This one-day workshop is designed for more experienced staff who work with larger and mid-core commercial clients.

The workshop looks in depth at the sort of information which needs to be collected when an insurer’s surveyor visits a client’s premises. The questions asked by the surveyor and the anticipated answers are analysed to gain an insight into how an insurer might view such data when rating a policy.

The workshop will look at the benefits of a survey from the client’s perspective. Those attending will consider types of construction, heating systems, a range of processes, stock, security and management issues.

The different types of risks presented by a range of clients are explored, and insights into how risks can be improved through risk management techniques are discussed.

Manufacturers, warehousing, property owners, and below standard risks are considered, and case studies using real survey data demonstrate physical and moral hazards across various types of risk.

Features which improve risks and reduce exposure are also discussed.

Key objectives:

  • Understand how an insurer views risk and hazard
  • Explain cover to the client the need for risk improvement
  • Understand what types of hazards are found in medium and large size risks
  • Provide guidance on how to reduce premiums
  • Explain the importance of loss control and risk management
  • Who should attend?

    Individuals who have been in insurance for more than a year and work in commercial insurance.
  • Methodology

    Learning by active participation in a series of pairs exercises and discussion groups. Workbooks and supplementary materials are provided.

The course was definitely tough but I cannot thank Owen more for his patience, motivational spirit and determination to get us through. We could not have got through it without him!

Michelle Wimsey
Director, Hadam Health

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